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Welcome To Gascosage Electric Cooperative

Gascosage Electric Cooperative is a non-profit electric utility owned by the consumer-members who use the electricity and other services it provides. Headquartered in Dixon, Missouri, the cooperative serves the counties of Camden, Maries, Miller, Phelps and Pulaski. We currently serve over 10,000 homes, farms, businesses and industry in this area with more than 1,500 miles of electric power lines.

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Gascosage Electric Cooperative
Take Control and Save!
Energy Star® Rebates Available in 2016

Currently, Gascosage Electric has appliance rebates on Energy Star® clothes washers, dishwashers, window air conditioners and water heaters. Click here to download the rebate application form.

We also currently have rebates available on ground source heat pumps and air to air heat pumps.
Click here to download these application forms.

Of course, you must be a Gascosage member-owner to participate in these rebate programs.

Gascosage and Our Community

      Youth Tour
    Each year, Gascosage Electric Cooperative awards an all expense paid trip to Washington, DC, each year to four high school juniors from area schools (Crocker, Dixon, Iberia and Newburg) based on essays written about Rural Electrification. Essays are judged based on knowledge of the subject, originality, composition, neatness and grammar. A panel of judges from Sho-Me Power Cooperative then interviews and determines the finalists. Local contest winners spend five days visiting places of historical interest and meeting members of Congress. Finalists are eligible to compete for a position as the Missouri State Representative in the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association’s Youth Leadership Council.



    Every year, Gascosage Electric Cooperative awards twenty $1000 scholarships to area seniors whose parents or guardians are members of the Cooperative. The seniors are selected among numerous applicants from local high schools in the area. The applications are rendered anonymous by a numbering system. Nonpartisan judges select the winners who each receive a $1000 scholarship to an accredited college, university, technical school or trade school.


Rural Missouri Newsletter

The Rural Missouri Newsletter is now online!

Getting Back Online

 Getting Back Online (PDF)

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